Tea ceremony, Incense Ceremony with Japanese cuisine

Experiencing the Genuine Tea Ceremony, Incense Ceremony and Japanese Cuisine

¥12,000 per person for the group of 8 people.

Starts at 12:00, 17:00 everyday at Mushin-an and Shirakawa-in.

Necessities such as a folding fan, kaishi are provided. 

You can dress kimonos for \5,000.    

Reservation required at least by 12:00 three days before by mail.

Mail to


Place: Shirakawa-in,  Mushin-an

    京都市左京区岡崎法勝寺町16  075-761-0201


KIMONO rental

For women:¥5,000
For men:¥6,000 with haori jacket
Formal wear for women:Silk ¥20,000

Japanese culture experience

Ochaya-asobi with maiko(apprentice geisha) and geiko(geisha)
Around ¥30,000 per guest for the group of 10 adults at the traditional ochaya in the evening.

Fee depends on the number of maikos and guests, place, and time to start.

Reservation required at least one month in advance.


Tea ceremony lesson


\2,000 for the group of 2~6

Incense ceremony


\2,000 for the group of 2~6

Origata and origami

(paper craft)


(+material cost \500~)

Scented sache workshop¥2,000
Dressing Kimono¥2,000
Pouches making


(+material cost \500~)

For reservation: Mail to By 9:00 on the day

Please contact below for any questions.

We have vintage kimono and antique Japanese arts & crafts.
Open 9:30 to 18:30  
Occasionally closed for onsite rental, so-on.

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